This $49G Electric Dune Buggy Only Goes 25 MPH

manx resorter
(Meyers Manx)
manx resorter
(Meyers Manx)

Myers Manx is redoing the dune buggy.

The creator of the original beach mobile is launching two new electrified takes on the iconic American ride, and one is a little faster than the other.

The Resorter is a four passenger model that lives up to its name. It’s designed as an NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) and restricted to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Details on how far it can go between charges haven’t been announced, but prices start at $49,000.

manx resorter roof silver
(Meyers Manx)

And while you can buy a lot of highway legal electric cars less than that, none of them are convertibles. But the Resorter does have some open-top competition.

The Moke America eMoke was offered in a limited edition 60 Years of Bond Edition to celebrate the original Moke’s several appearances in the 007 film franchise. (Moke America)

The Moke America eMoke is an electric NEV replica of a classic Mini-based model that was first launched in the 1960s. It’s been a surprise hit in high-end beach and resort communities since it went on sale a few years ago, and starts at around $23,000.

(Moke International)

Another company called Moke International is taking reservations for a highway legal electric Moke that can hit 50 mph, but deliveries under the recently passed low volume vehicle manufacturers law, which allows for historic replicas to be sold without meeting current safety standards, have not yet started.

manx 2
(Meyers Manx)

Meyers Manx does have a street legal model in the works as well. The smaller Manx 2.0 is truer to the original’s design and size and comes standard with a 20-kWh battery pack good for 150 miles of range. A 40-kWh model will deliver a claimed 300 miles of driving between charges and 202 hp that can accelerate it to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.


Meyers Manx hasn’t confirmed how the vehicle will be classified. The original was a kit car and never a factory production model, which is what the low volume vehicle manufacturers law applies to.