Ford Has A New Logo That Can Glow

new ford grille
2024 ford f-150 front
The F-150 has been redesigned for 2024. (Ford)

The Blue Oval is getting a makeover.

Ford has redesigned its iconic logo, with the new one debuting on the 2024 F-150.

The automaker didn’t announce the change, but it was spotted and first confirmed by Car and Driver.

The updates are subtle, but significant. The Ford lettering is a little larger and both it and the oval border have switched from silver to white, while the blue background loses its metallic finish.

Several automakers, including VW and GM, have updated their logos in recent years to give them a more modern look.

new ford logo grille
An illuminated badge is available on most 2024 F-150 models. (Ford)

But there may be a bit more to the change a new option for the 2024 F-150 is an illuminated version of the badge, which is priced at $410 and available on all models aside from the Raptor and Raptor R, which trade the badge for the word Ford embedded into their grilles.

The 2024 Ranger features the old badge. (Ford)

Ford hasn’t said when or if the new badge will appear on other models, but images of the all-new Ranger show it with the old design.