Amazon Prime Big Deal Days: The Best V8 Engines

You’ll see a lot of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days lists across the web today as many outlets, including American Cars And Racing, participate in the Amazon Associates Program and earn commissions off referrals, but we’re really going big.

Instead of T-shirts and car polish, we’re bringing you the best crate engines available on Amazon.

OK, they’re not actually part of the Big Deal Days discounts, but how cool would it be to hit Buy Now on a V8?

Chevrolet Performance ZZ 572 V8, 621 HP: $19,857.24


What says Big Deal Days better than a big block Chevy V8? The ZZ 572 is a 621 hp monster ready for any pre-1976 car or off-highway build. Click here to buy it!

Edelbrock 46913 Performer RPM E-Tec Pro-Flo 4XT EFI 442 HP Small Block Chevy: $12,683.95


If you’re looking to downsize, this small block 350 cubic-inch Chevy V8 from Edelbrock still cranks out a healthy 442 hp and 409 lb-ft. Click here to buy it!

Ford 5.0-liter Coyote V8: $10,125.45


If you love cruisin’ in a 5.0, why not turn everything you own into a 5.0? The Ford Coyote V8 was built to produce 460 hp, but there’s nothing stopping you from going nuts and strapping on a supercharger or some nitro to crank it up. That’s what makes this fun. Click here to buy it!

Playz V8 Combustion Engine Model Building Kit for Kids: $55.96


We know, this isn’t a real engine, but you’ve got to start somewhere and it’s probably the only one on this list you might actually buy. Plus, it’s an actual Prime Day Deal. The Playz V8 is a realistic engine model made from over 270 parts that actually operates … with battery power. Hey, electricity is the future, right? Click here to buy it!