Review: The 2024 Lexus TX Is A Texas-Size SUV

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The Lexus TX is the brand’s first model that lives up to its name. Nickname, that is.

The all-new SUV has come to be known by many as the Lexus Texas, and it’s fitting.

The TX is the largest Lexus crossover ever offered and it has more passenger space than even the truck-based LX.

The TX is designed on the same platform as the equally enormous and aptly-named Toyota Grand Highlander, and built alongside it at Toyota’s Princeton, Ind., factory. It’s top competition is the Acura MDX and Infiniti QX60.


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Beyond the Lexus styling, the TX also gets a more rigid chassis, suspension upgrades and a more luxurious interior than its sibling’s. Three trim lines are being offered, each with a unique powertrain.

The TX350 comes with a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder rated at 275 hp, an eight-speed automatic transmission and either front-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive.

tx motor

The TX500h F Sport hybridizes that engine, but switches to a six-speed automatic driving the front wheels and pairs it with a rear axle with its own electric motor to create a 366 hp all-wheel-drive system. The top of the line TX550h+ is a plug-in hybrid model with a 3.5-liter V6, CVT and dual electric motors that puts out 404 hp.

Combined fuel economy for the three is 23 mpg, 27 mpg and 29 mpg, respectively, and the TX550h+ has a battery that’s big enough to provide 33 miles of all-electric driving per charge.

The TX350 is offered in three grades (standard, Premium and Luxury) at base prices ranging from $56,400 to $62,300, including delivery fees. The TX500h F Sport is comes in Premium and Luxury versions priced at $70,700 and $74,000. Both will be on sale in the coming weeks, while TX500h+ pricing will be announced closer to when deliveries begin early next year. Suffice it to say, it won’t cost less than the others.

tx third row

One thing they all have in common is size. The interior is absolutely enormous. I’m 6’ 1” tall and I test legroom by setting the driver’s seat how I like it, then get in the second row to see how I fit. The TX didn’t just pass that evaluation with flying colors, but I fit fine in the third row, and there’s 20 cubic feet of cargo space behind it. There are seven-passenger versions with a second row bench and six-passenger versions with captain’s chairs scattered across the lineup. Wide rear doors make getting in and out of the vehicle a breeze.

tx cargo

Every TX has a 14-inch Jumbotron touchscreen infotainment system interface and the Lexus Safety System+ 3.0. The system includes lane-centering adaptive cruise control and a Proactive Driving Assist, which will intervene to slow the TX and add steering help if it senses you’re going to fast for a curvy road or getting too close to vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

tx dash

High end models add a head-up display, 360-degree camera and a self-parking system that can steer into a parallel or perpendicular spot. The latter has become pretty common on vehicles today, but the 2006 Lexus LS was actually the first vehicle with the capability, so it is very on-brand.

That’s also true of the TX’s ride quality, although the so-called Lexus Driving Signature has evolved over the years. It’s still plush, but not quite as marshmallowy as the old days. The handling is sharper, and that’s particularly true of the TX500h F Sport, which has computer-controlled adaptive dampers and a four-wheel-steering system.


Along with improving stability at high speeds by turning in phase with the front wheels, the rear wheels can turn opposite the fronts a couple of degrees at low speeds, which reduces the TX’s already tight 38-foot turning circle to 36 feet, and it is very noticeable in parking lot maneuvers.


Even the TX350 feels adequately powerful, although you can definitely tell when you’re driving one with front-wheel-drive, which makes itself evident through the steering wheel. All-wheel-drive spreads the power around better and the TX500h’s added torque and horsepower gives it a very noticeable kick.


The TX550h+ feels like a very different car altogether. Its robust electric motors provide a very refined EV-style power delivery, whether it is operating in all-electric or hybrid mode. As with many plug-ins, you can decide which you prefer, or switch it into a charge mode that relies on the V6 and helps replenish the battery as you drive. All three powertrains are rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds.


It took Lexus a long time to add a model like the TX to its lineup, but it’s the kind of family car you won’t mind taking on a long trip. Even all the way across Texas.

The automaker provided travel to facilitate this test