Bronco Busted? Ford Launches Off-Road Damage Insurance

bronco front

Car insurance is great, as long as you keep it on the pavement.

Most traditional polices don’t cover extracurricular activities like off-roading on rough terrain, but Ford is now offering a product that does exactly that.

Autoblog reports that Ford has launched an Off-Road Coverage option under its Ford Protect extended warranty program for the Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs.

The dealer-provided plan offers tiers that cover wheel and tire packages, dents and window damage.

bronco front
Ford encourages its customers to use their trucks off-road. (Ford)

It needs to be purchased within the first three years or 36,000 miles of new vehicle ownership, and does have limitations.

The wheel coverage only applies to steel, aluminum and alloy rims and body dents larger than four inches in diameter are excluded from the Paintless Dent Repair process. The glass coverage is also restricted to crack repair, not full window replacements.

bronco sport rear
The Bronco Sport Heritage Limited features aluminum wheels designed to look like steelies. (American Cars And Racing)

Specific pricing isn’t advertised, but one dealer told Autoblog it is a $1,350 upgrade on a Ford Protect plan. The brochure points out that the average wheel/tire replacement alone costs $1,675.