DeLorean returning as Corvette-Based Sports Car

delorean 1
delorean 1

A V8-powered DeLorean is in the works, courtesy of a real DeLorean.

John DeLorean’s daughter, Kat, last year announced the launch of DeLorean Next Generation (DNG), a response to the separately-owned DeLorean Motor Company that uses her father’s name.

DeLorean Motor Company acquired the rights to the name several years ago and is planning a four-seat electric sports car that was featured in the film “Fast X,” but DeLorean doesn’t think it lives up to her late father’s legacy.

Along with a bespoke high-end two-seat gullwing sports car, her company has now revealed to Hagerty plans to build a model based on the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette.

delorean 2

“I needed to find a way to build an affordable car for the DeLorean community,” DeLorean said. “They’ll be heartbroken forever if I don’t give them something.”

delorean red
The Alpha5 is an electric four-seat vehicle that was featured in the “Fast X” film. (DeLorean Motor Company)

The plan is to replace the Corvette’s composite body with an original design that incorporates gullwing doors.

The mid-engine Corvette’s chassis was designed as an open-top vehicle. (Chevrolet)

The Corvette’s chassis was engineered to accommodate both its standard targa roof and a convertible configuration, which should make switching from conventional doors to the gullwing design possible without major modifications.

The Model JZD is a limited edition vehicle planned by DNG. (DeLorean Next Generation)

Both DNG cars are being styled by Spanish car designer Ángel Guerra, who has worked with supercar brand Rimac.

delorean classic
The original DeLorean DMC-12 was powered by a V6. (Classic DMC)


DNG hasn’t announced a launch date for either model, but DeLorean says the Corvette-based car will have a powertrain developed by aftermarket tuners to offer something unique from Chevy’s factory offering.