You Need To Watch Dodge’s ‘Ballsy’ And Bizarre Time-Traveling Charger Daytona Promo Video Right Now


The Dodge Charger Daytona is an electric car that looks like an old-school muscle car and that’s very intentional.

The burly cruisers are the brand’s bread and butter and have been for a long time.

To drive the point home, Dodge revealed the Charger Daytona with a promo video posted to YouTube that portrays company CEO Tim Kuniskis traveling back in time a century to meet company founders Horace and John Dodge early in their careers.

“Holy Hamtramck, what is that, and who the hell are you?” they ask with tools in their hands ready to swing as has he pulls up to their factory.


Kuniskis explains that he’s one of them and there to make sure they keep doing what they’re doing, so the performance-oriented company stays on the right track that leads to the new car.

“You’re just a couple of incredibly ballsy moves away from ensuring your legacy and making history,” he tells them.

“I know it sounds crazy and, I swear to you, I haven’t been drinking.”

Kuniskis takes them for a spin and explains how their “legacy is under attack,” and that Dodge has to fight the system.


“They told us we couldn’t sell Hemis, but they never old us we have to be boring and slow.”

“Look, the bottom line is this is not the electric car that they want the brotherhood [of muscle] to have. This is a Dodge. This is an electric muscle car that will make the rulemakers, the suits and the lawyers wish they hadn’t had a kale smoothie for lunch when they launch this thing.”

“What’s a kale smoothie?” John asks with a look of disgust.

“I don’t really know, but you don’t want one,” Kuniskis says.

The entire bit is very much in the spirt of Dodge’s in-your-face advertising and plays into the rebellious image it has tried to portray in an effort to stand out in a competitive automotive market.