NASCAR Driver Joey Gase Fined $5,000 For Throwing Bumper Cover At Another Car

joey gase
(NASCAR via Getty Images)
joey gase
(NASCAR via Getty Images)

NASCAR Xfintiy Series driver Joey Gase went viral this weekend for throwing the bumper cover from his wrecked car at the competitor that caused the accident, but now he’s gotta pay for it.

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that Gase has been fined $5,000 for the incident.

According to the NASCAR rule book, “a safety violation may be imposed for any action or omission by a Competitor or vehicle that creates an unsafe environment or poses a threat to the safety of the Competitors, as determined by NASCAR.”

Dawson Cram ran into the back of Gase’s car on lap 173 of the ToyotaCare 250, causing it to spin into the wall and sustain significant damage.


Gase then pulled the partially-torn bumper cover off of the car, walked down the banking and threw it at Cram’s car as he drove by during the yellow flag period that followed the crash.

Cram was particularly upset because he owns his own low budget team and the damage might have meant the car wouldn’t be ready for the next race at Richmond.

He’s since found a clever way to make a few extra bucks by immortalizing the incident on a T-Shirt he’s selling for $30 each through his social media channels.

Race winner Chandler Smith gave Gase an “attaboy” for what he did and said, “I am all for driver’s letting driver’s show their emotions and letting them have at it.”