Elon Musk Says Tesla Robotaxi Will Be Revealed On August 8

tesla robotaxi
tesla robotaxi

Following a Reuters report on Friday that said Tesla has killed plans for a low-cost EV to focus on developing a robotaxi, Elon Musk had some news about the latter.

Musk had earlier said Reuters was “lying” in its report, but has yet to deny the news about the low-cost car, which was slated to enter production at Tesla’s Texas factory late next year.

Later in the day Musk posted to X, “Tesla robotaxi reveal 8/8.”

According to the Reuters report, the robotaxi will be built on the same platform being developed for the low-cost model.


25,000 Tesla
A sketch of what is possibly an idea for the low-priced Tesla was spotted in a recent promotional video. (Tesla)

Details on how the robotaxi service will work have not been released. Previously, Tesla had planned to develop its Full Self-Driving system to a point where any Tesla with it could function as a robotaxi, but this appears to be a purpose-designed vehicle.

Exactly what form it will take is also unknown. Several years ago, when Musk released his concept for an underground road network, which spawned his The Boring Company effort, the renderings included images of a small, glass-sided autonomous shuttle.