Ford Teases F-150 Lightning SuperTruck That Will Race Pikes Peak


The Ford F-150 Lightning is ready to race for the clouds.

Ford has revealed a new teaser video of the F-150 Lightning-based “SuperTruck” that will compete in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb on June 23.

Images suggest it will have an extreme aerodynamic profile, with a huge rear wing and rear diffuser, as is typically featured on Pikes Peak-specific racers.

A glimpse inside the rear of the truck shows it to have what appears to be either an elaborate bundle of power cables or a cooling system for its rear electric motor. Another image shows off its aerodynamically tapered body.


Ford last year entered its electric SuperVan in the event, which features a 1,400 hp tri-motor all-wheel-drive system and set an Open Class record of 8 minutes 47.682 seconds.

ford supertruck wheels

The SuperTruck will be fully revealed when qualifying runs begin on June 18.

ford lightning pikes peak

The SuperTruck isn’t the first high performance demonstration version of the F-150 Lightning.

Ford and RTR Vehicles collaborated last year on the F-150 Lightning SwitchGear, which has a special suspension that can be set up for high speed off-roading like an F-150 Raptor or lowered for street driving.


The F-150 Lightning is not currently offered in a production performance model, but top trims are rated at 580 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque.