Sound Up! Hear The Screaming Ford Mustang GTD Testing At The Nürburgring

mustang gtd road atlanta
mustang gtd road atlanta
The Mustang GTD has also been tested at Road Atlanta. (Ford)

The Ford Mustang GTD was designed to take on the world’s best sports cars, so it’s testing on their home turf.

A Mustang GTD has been captured on camera doing test laps on the Nürburgring Nordschleife race track by Car Spy Media.

The undulating 13-mile circuit is frequently used by automakers as a testing and proving ground for sports cars and other vehicles.

The Mustang GTD isn’t wearing any camouflage and appears to be production spec. The exhaust and whine of its supercharged 5.2-liter V8 can be heard clearly as it blasts through several corners.


The Mustang GTD is expected to deliver at least 800 hp and features an active aerodynamics system with high downforce and low downforce settings.

mustang gtd wing

Its final assembly is being done by Multimatic, and the company’s vice president of special vehicle operations, Larry Holt, told American Cars and Racing that it has a projected top speed of 210 mph that drops to 185 mph in the high-downforce setting.

The Mustang GTD has also been revealed to be equipped with a window inside of the cabin that shows off its longitudinally mounted pushrod-activated rear suspension system, which features computer-controlled Multimatic Active Spool Valve coilover shocks. Each has two springs, one of which can be compressed to lower the ride height of the vehicle for maximum track performance.

gtd suspension cabin

The Mustang GTD is priced at $325,000 and Ford is currently accepting applications to buy them. Ford CEO Jim Farley told American Cars and Racing that the model is effectively sold out through dealer allocations, but customers need to be approved through a review process, which includes factors like previous Ford ownership and social media presence.