Toyota Recalling 102,092 Trucks Due To Possible Engine Failure

2023 toyota tundra
2023 toyota tundra

Toyota has a total recall on its hands.

The automaker is recalling 102,092 Tundra pickups and Lexus GX600 SUVs due to a manufacturing issue that has led to engine failures.

The problem affects vehicles with a non-hybrid turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 known as the V35A.

Debris created during its production may not have been entirely cleared out and can get into the crankshaft bearings, leading to a range of issues.


2023 lexus lx

“For these engines in the subject vehicles, the pressure on the main bearings due to the
engine configuration is such that, if the aforementioned machining debris
adheres to the bearings and operation of the engine continues at higher loads
over time, failure of the bearings may occur,” the recall report explains.

“This can lead to potential engine knocking, engine rough running, engine no start and/or an engine stall.”

Dozens of complaints regarding engine issues have been filed with NHTSA by owners.

Tundras built from Nov. 2, 2022 through Feb. 13, 2023 and LX600s from July 30, 2021 through Nov. 25, 2022 are included in the action. Only around 3,500 LX600s are involved.

A remedy for the issue has not yet been announced and owners will be officially notified starting on July 15. Dealers have also been told not to sell any of the vehicles that remain in inventory.

The Tundra was all-new for 2022 and is also offered with a hybrid powertrain built around the V6, which is not currently part of the recall action. However, the notice points out that if the hybrid system’s V6 fails then the electric motor can provide motive power for a short distance, which provides a safety buffer.

Sales of the Texas-built Tundra were up 27.6% this year in the first quarter with 36,215 delivered, putting it on pace for one of its best years ever.