2024 US-Built Luxury Vehicle Of The Year™: Lucid Air Pure RWD

lucid air pure rwd
Credit: Lucid

The Lucid Air Pure RWD may be evidence that the multiverse exists.

The Arizona-built electric luxury car looks like it comes from another dimension where the elegant American sedans of the 1960s and 1970s never went out of style and continued to evolve for another half-century.

No one back then could have imagined a future filled with 430 hp electric luxury cars that deliver the equivalent of 137 mpg and a range of 410 miles per charge, but here we are.

It’s styling is like nothing else on the road and the $71,400 price is very attainable.

Lucid also sells a version of the Air with a 1,234 hp powertrain and even more opulent trimmings for $250,500, but the Air Pure RWD is more car than anyone needs.

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