Dodge Has Sold 21,217 Zombie Challengers So Far This Year

dodge challenger demon 170

The Dodge Challenger is selling pretty well for a car that’s been out of production for six months.

Dodge made sure to leave its dealers with a decent stock of the sports coupes to tide them over until the new 2025 Charger arrives later this year in electric form and early next year with an internal combustion engine.

Dodge delivered 11,480 Challengers in the second quarter of this year to bring its 2024 tally to 21,217.

dodge challenger demon 170

That’s not far behind the Ford Mustang, which is new for 2024 and very much in production. Ford delivered 13,737 in Q2 and 27,444 from January through June.


Things aren’t as rosy over at Chevrolet, where the also-discontinued Camaro found just 1,732 new garages in Q2 for a 2024 total of 5,306.


Things should start winding down for the Challenger this summer, as currently lists 4,765 left on dealer lots, while Camaro fans will need to fight over the 421 cars that are left.

There are 6,397 Chargers sitting around if four-door muscle is more of your thing, Dodge having moved 16,216 in Q2 and 26,876 in 2024.

While the future of the Charger is very clear and will include EV models that replace the old V8s, Six Pack models with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder and both two and four door versions of the car, don’t expect to see a new Camaro reenter this sales race for a couple of years at least.

GM President Mark Reuss told Motor Trend that he’d like to see it return as an affordable sports car, but that it will likely be electric and a four-door if it does.

Reuss didn’t put a timeframe on when that might happen and there is currently no public indication that it can before 2027, at the earliest.