Who Is Winning The 2024 U.S. Truck Sales War, GM Or Ford? The Answer: Both?

chevy and ford trucks
Credit: Chevrolet/Ford

The first year auto sales reports are in and the Ford F-Series is the top selling truck in the U.S. again.

And so are GM’s full-size trucks. Huh?

GM splits its truck sales between the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which are mechanically the same, but styled and trimmed differently. That being the case, their deliveries are recorded individually.

Through the first six months of this year, Ford delivered 333,761 light and heavy duty F-Series trucks with internal combustion engines, while Chevrolet’s tally was 272,453 light and heavy duty Silverados.

That’s an easy win for Ford on the brand-by-brand comparison, but when you add 148,785 GMC Serra deliveries to the Chevy figure, you end up with a GM total of 421,238 for the automaker win.

Anyway you slice it Ford, Chevy and GM are way ahead of Ram’s pickups, which accounted for 179,526 deliveries through June. That puts it in third ahead of the Sierra, Toyota Tundra (78,454) and the soon-to-be-discontinued Nissan Titan’s (8,209).


Ford is way ahead of Chevrolet in the full-size electric pickup segment, with a total of 15,645 F-150 Lightning deliveries to 3,257 Chevrolet Silverado EV deliveries.

Silverado EV production is just ramping up, however, while the F-150 Lightning has been on sale for more than two years.

Among midsize pickups, it’s a wild year because both the perennial best-selling Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger have been redesigned and are still increasing supplies.

Ford only delivered 15,175 Rangers in the first half and Tacoma sales were down 41.3% to 69,437, allowing GM to close the gap to Toyota with 58,658 combined Chevrolet Colorado (41,823) and GMC Canyon deliveries (16,835).

Nissan was able to snag third with 39,963 Frontier deliveries and the Honda Ridgeline fourth with 19,922 deliveries.