Patent Application Reveals How Ram’s 3-Row Pickup Design Works

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept with third row seat patent design
Credit: Ram

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept that debuted at CES in 2023 was a preview of the brand’s electric future that didn’t quite pan out.

The pickup featured a very futuristic design that was unlike any Ram truck before it, but the production Ram 1500 REV version that was revealed at the New York Auto Show a few months later used a modified version of the same body as the current internal combustion engine models.

That includes the size of the cabin, which is a standard two-row setup, while the concept featured a three-row design that used fold down jump seats in the third row.

A sketch of the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV's third row seat
The Ram 1500 Revolution Concept was equipped with the three-row seating design.Credit: Ram

Ram hasn’t confirmed that they will ever make it to production, but a recently published patent application goes into a bit more detail about how they work.


The filing describes how the seat uses a fixed upper portion for the back and a fold down bottom, which can be removed and attached to the open tailgate with bottom latches to provide seating when the vehicle is not in motion.

Third-row Ram truck seats
Credit: Stellantis

The design means that the second row seats have to be mounted ahead of the rear cabin wall, instead of against it, so that they can be slid fore and aft to accommodate the third row passengers.

Seats on tailgate
Credit: Stellantis

With the very upright position of the third-row seat back, the design looks to be primarily for occasional use on short trips, but would expand the utility of a pickup.

Three-row Ram truck cabin
Credit: Stellantis

It’s worth noting, however, that, while the exterior of the truck depicted in the patent features the standard Ram body, the interior is the same as the concept’s, so there may be no intention of offering this feature to customers anytime soon. Ram has received a patent on the interior design itself, including the dashboard, center console and seats.

Ram 1500 REV
The Ram 1500 REV goes on sale this year.Credit: Ram

The Ram 1500 REV is scheduled to begin deliveries without the third row of seats in the fourth quarter of this year. It will be offered